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In September STUK opened its second season as House for Dance, Image & Sound. We are working towards a packed IMAGE and VISUAL arts programme in which an array of artists’ lms and installations take centre stage during our Moving Image Expos in the autumn and spring, with the addition of Playground in November and Artefact in February. This means that throughout the season at STUK you can immerse yourself in contemporary VISUAL art.

Under the spotlight this autumn is the work of Emre Hüner. With Neochronophobig, a 3-channel video installation, he takes us to a place that appears to exist outside of time. The objects, architectural structures and settlements appear strangely familiar, though they could just as well come from an unde ned future. Its alienating e ect provokes us to consider our position as humans on the planet. Emre Hüner will introduce his work in person on 12 October. We cordially invite you to join us and raise a glass together!

The Moving Image Focus series will also commence again in October; this time with the South Korean lmmaker Hong Sang-soo. This series will also
be intensified. From the worlds of cinephiles 
and specialised festivals, we’ll be selecting the pearls that deserve to be shown more frequently. These will be screened (for free!) together with an introduction or discussion afterwards — with the director themselves, whenever possible. You can of course also still opt for the continued art house cinema programme at Cinema ZED. They are also looking forward to welcoming you again to the Leuven Short Film Fest in December. And don’t miss the LABO series in which the crossovers between cinematography and, among others, the visual arts are explored.

In November we welcome you again to Playground (together with museum M). The festival, in which the performing arts and visual arts meet, is now in its tenth edition. In this brochure you can nd a preview with a few recommendations from its rich programme.

STUK continues to engage with art criticism. We do this through our support of the Prize for Young Dutch Art Criticism, which again in 2016 awarded prizes to art critics in the categories of essay, review and innovative criticism. But we also like to work from the ground up, with budding talents. With Leuven Kritiek, STUK, in collaboration with rekto:verso, 30CC and KU Leuven, is introducing a viewing, writing and discussion programme for ten critics-to-be. Alongside dance and theatre, the ten candidates will be taking a closer look at the visual arts, including STUK’s Moving Image Expos and Artefact. Speaking of which, in 2017 Artefact will explore what the term magic might mean in our contemporary society. 

Looking forward to seeing you in STUK,
Karen Verschooren
Programmer Image