Hathor Consort & Femke Gyselinck

In 1604 John Dowland published LACHRIMAE, or Seaven Teares Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans. The first pavan, the Lachrimae Antiquae or ‘Old tears’, originally circulated as a composition for a lute solo and formed the basis of the song Flow my tears. It became an iconic song expressing the Elizabethan fascination for obsession and melancholy. Hathor Consort performs her present-day adaptation of this classic. In between Dowland’s pavans we hear Annelies Van Parys’s Interludes: a contemporary interpretation of Dowlands melancholy. The ensemble chose to bring a sixth voice to this enigmatic sadness of five, with the addition of the dancer Femke Gyselinck. She has drawn inspiration from the concepts of Flow my tears: her movements can be seen as a choreographic visualisation of the emotions emerging from this dark poem. 

Hathor Consort

muziek Lachrimae or Seaven Teares John Dowland, 1563-1626 & Interludes Annelies Van Parys, °1975 | performance Hathor Consort & Romina Lischka | choreografie & dans Femke Gyselinck | muzikanten Romina Lischka — discantgamba, Liam Fennelly — tenorgamba, Thomas Baeté — tenorgamba, Anne Bernard — basgamba, Benoît Vanden Bemden — grootbasgamba, Wim Maeseele — renaissanceluit

STUK Labozaal
Thu 4 May 201720:30

standard 14 — reduction 10 

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