Daniel Linehan, Hiatus; dbddbb (trailer Lille)


Hiatus/Daniel Linehan

In Daniel Linehan’s new creation dbddbb five dancers step to the same rhythm while they recite sound poetry together. In this marching rhythm, Linehan builds up an ingenious choreography with one rule: each step must be followed by another. Linehan defines the march as ‘a way to measure time with the body.’

The ‘march’ isn’t just a military exercise. It can also be a political protest, a form of sport or play, a ritualistic incantation or a dance party. In each of these manifestations the march is usually a mass movement that blurs the distinction between the individual and the group. Marches bring about solidarity and cooperation, but have the dangerous potential to stifle individual thought. dbddbb explores the pleasures but also the dangers of the forces that connect us to a group. 

Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

concept & choreografie Daniel Linehan | dans & creatie Marcus Baldemar, Anneleen Keppens, Liz Kinoshita, Daniel Linehan, Víctor Pérez Armero | setontwerp 88888 | lichtontwerp Jan Fedinger |  kostuumontwerp Frédérick Denis | productie Hiatus | uitvoerende productie & spreiding België Caravan Production

STUK Soetezaal
Tue 21 Mar 201720:30

standard 16 — reduction 12 

Dubbeldans ticket with Figure a Sea on 01/12/16 in 30CC/Schouwburg

Before the performance on Tuesday 21 March there will be an introduction (in Dutch), at 20:00 in STUK Soetezaal. 

On Wednesday 22nd of March there’s a free performance for students with a KU Leuven Culture Card. More info: 


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