La Esclava

LA ESCLAVA (2'40) - 2015 - dance solo - teaser

La Esclava

Ayelen Parolin & Lisi Estaràs

In 2014 Lisi Estaràs substituted the then pregnant Ayelen Parolin, which formed the starting point for a project that combined their personalities and writing styles, emphasising both their similarities and many differences.

Departing from their shared view of identity as unstable, multiple and fluid, they conceived a performance rich in contrasts, on the verge of schizophrenic. In La Esclava a woman (Lisi Estaràs), fascinated by herself and fixated by her heritage, attempts to unearth her own history and detach herself from it. At a crossroads between vulnerability and self-confidence, control and chaos, this ‘esclava’ tries to find the right footing in a chaotic stream of thoughts and emotions, in search of the imaginary but necessary way to let go. 

Ayelen Parolin

concept & choreografie Ayelen Parolin & Lisi Estaràs | spel Lisi Estaràs | muziek Bartold Uyttersprot |  dramaturgie Sara Vanderieck & Olivier Hespel | lichtontwerp Carlo Bourguignon | kostuums Dorine Demuynck | objecten Nicolas Vladyslav | productie RUDA asbl

STUK Soetezaal
Thu 16 Mar 201720:30

standard 12 — reduction 8

duBBeldans tiCKet with Nicht Schlafen (formerly mahLeR 16) on 14 & 15/12/16 in 30CC/sCHOuwBurg. 


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