Oblivion - Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO


Sarah Vanhee

Sarah Vanhee kept hold of all her personal garbage for an entire year: both household waste and materials from her studio: yogurt pots, worn-out underwear, spam and bad ideas. Confronted by the expanding mountain of waste, she felt the urgency to find a different ethical stance towards it.

Imagine a place where you would find yourself reconnected to everything you had discarded, deleted or thrown away. Objects, thoughts, relations you had already cut yourself loose from and forgotten about, all reappear. Think of an inverse world, for instance that scene in Buñuel’s The Phantom Of Liberty where hosts and guests shit together around the dinner table and eat alone in the toilet. Oblivion is a performance with everything Sarah Vanhee would have discarded in a year. A slow celebration of things unhidden.

Sarah Vanhee

This performance takes place in the context of the Transitiefestival (21-30.10.16) themed Circular Economy.

concept & performance Sarah Vanhee | geluid Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens | outside eyes Mette Edvardsen & Berno Odo Polzer | stemcoach Jakob Ampe | productieassistente Linda Sepp | uitvoerend producent CAMPO

STUK Labozaal
Thu 27 Oct 201620:30

standard €12 | reduction €8

Performance in English 

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