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Rosas/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Rain (2001), one of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s most vibrant performances, set to Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, is in many ways a continuation of the choreographic principles that were developed in Drumming three years earlier: the mathematical structures, persistent repetition, the geometric approach to the space, the art of continuous variation. The audience is gripped by a kind of madness of movements, a tide or a blazing fire that leaps from one body to another without ever settling with one particular person. To the pulsating rhythm of Steve Reich’s minimalist music, ten dancers surrender themselves to an irrepressible collective energy that mutually binds them, a bubbling network that shares its breath and tempo, alongside a unique camaraderie that only emerges once the dancers have gone beyond exhaustion. 


choreografie Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | gedanst door Laura Bachman, Léa Dubois, Anika Edström Kawaji, Zoi Efstathiou, Yuika Hashimoto, Laura Maria Poletti, Soa Ratsifandrihana, José Paulo dos Santos, Frank Gizycki, Robin Haghi, Luka Švajda, Thomas Vantuycom, Lav Crncevic | muziek Music for 18 Musicians, Steve Reich | decor & licht Jan Versweyveld | kostuums Dries Van Noten |  productie 2001 Rosas & De Munt

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30CC/Schouwburg, Bondgenotenlaan 21 Leuven
Wed 8 Mar 201720:00
Thu 9 Mar 201720:00
Fri 10 Mar 201720:00
rang 1€ 30€ 26
rang 2€ 26€ 22


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