Figure a Sea

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Figure a Sea


Magnificent, skillful and peaceful.
The performance is a remarkable and sublime meditative experience.
Dagens Nyheter

It’s one sublime hour of asking without needing to know.
NY Times

Impressive is an understatement.

60 minutes of purity, beauty and body.
SR Kulturnytt 

Figure a Sea is a subtile and tender piece, ingenius too and extremely exhilarating.

Think of the sea. What do you see? The stage as a sea of endless possibilities. The dancers carry the audience into a ceaseless flow. Figure a Sea is an encounter between two cult figures. Deborah Hay, who helped define postmodern dance in the 60s, is choreographing the work. Her roots stem from the experimental Judson Dance Theatre and she was one of the first to introduce everyday movements into dance. Now a milestone in dance history. The American composer and musician Laurie Anderson has created a new electronic composition for the piece. She began her career as a sculptor and performance artist and became a pioneer in electronic music.

Figure a Sea challenges the intelligence, the beauty and the speed of the dancers. An exceptionally beautiful result of the recent innovations at Cullbergbaletten, the former classical ballet of Stockholm.

Choreografie & leiding Deborah Hay | Compositie Laurie Anderson | Scenografie & lichtontwerp Minna Tiikkainen |  Uitgevoerd door Ulrika Berg, Anand Bolder, Barry Brannum, Alexandra Campbell, Eleanor Campbell, Jac Carlsson, Eszter Czédulás, Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Tilman O'Donnell, Samuel Draper, Unn Faleide, Anne Hiekkaranta, Katie Jacobson, Paolo Mangiola, Eva Mohn, Gesine Moog, Vera Nevanlinna, Anna Pehrsson, Adam Schütt, Daniel Sjökvist, Vincent Van der Plas, Tiran Willemse

30CC/Schouwburg, Bondgenotenlaan 21 Leuven
Thu 1 Dec 201620:00
category 1€ 25€ 21
category 2€ 21€ 17

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