Café concert: The Violent Husbands - Hot Wood

The Violent Husbands - Hooker (Official Video)

Café concert: The Violent Husbands - Hot Wood

Hot Wood, the latest release from The Violent Husbands could have been taken from the Native Belgian Pop and Field Recording Archives, if there ever was such a collection. The three members (Dijf Sanders, Jason and Benjamin Dousselaere) only needed 4 batteries, a roaring campfire and their experience of trustworthy songwriters (as proven in Teddiedrum, Dijf Sanders, Tape Tum) to make this recording possible, resulting in late night improvisations and exalted straightforward songs about women and the forces of nature. Who needs a drum when you have logs and axes? Who needs a place to escape the city when you have 'Hot Wood'?!

The Violent Husbands 

Thu 15 Sep 201621:00


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