Hello useless - for W and friends

© Radovan Dranga

Hello useless - for W and friends

Benny Claessens/CAMPO

Hello useless – for W and friends is a solo performance about stopping. The performance aims to offer a moment to breathe and take the time to look at things again with fresh eyes. It will attempt to be meaningless. Without words and without knowledge. Without structure, but also without an existing structure to fight against. Just to be seen and heard. An attempt to reconstruct a space where consensus exists. But then from the perspective of an alien.  

Hello useless – for W and friends situates the futility of art alongside the futility of people and objects, taking its well-deserved time to do so.  

In recent years, Benny Cleassens has been a permanent member of the Munich Kammerspiele, directed by Johan Simons. He has now returned and since the summer of 2015 is a member of the NTGent-ensemble with the same director. Before the premiere of his group performance Learning how to walk in May 2016, he composed this pearl of a work under the wing of CAMPO (Ghent).


By & with Benny Claessens | Music Simon Lenski | Outside eye Alain Platel | Production CAMPO | Coproduction NTGent | Thanks to Bart Demey & Tania Gallagher

STUK Soetezaal
Wed 28 Sep 201620:30
Thu 29 Sep 201620:30


Reservation required via ticket@stuk.be 
Tickets can be picked up at STUK Reception one hour before the start of the performance.

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