Hypochristmutreefuzz + Cocaine Piss present their Guilty Pleasures

Hypochristmutreefuzz - The Spitter (live)

Hypochristmutreefuzz + Cocaine Piss present their Guilty Pleasures


20:30Cocaine Piss

During this edition of STUK START we also continue with the traditional item around shamelessness:
Guilty Pleasures where the street credibility of bands is brought to a merciless trial.

Following previous bands such as Sir Yes Sir, The Me in You, and Great Mountain Fire, we now pass the – all the more inflammable – torch to Ghent’s promising noise band Hypochristmutreefuzz and the raw punk band Cocaine Piss from Li
ège. Hypochristmutreefuzz (or Hypo) – pronouncing the band’s name requires some tongue acrobatics – gave a stunning performance at both Humo’s Rock Rally and Glimps and this summer the stage will surely be too small at Pukkelpop. This noise band going berserk reminds us of other weirdos such as The Birthday Party and Evil Superstars. The music of Liège’s quartet Cocaine Piss is as striking as their band name. This boneless punk explodes like a cluster bomb and front lady Aurélie Poppins will drag you and herself around the room!

Cocaine Piss 

  • Cocaine Piss -- Live At AFF Absolutely Free Festival Genk 06-08-2016
STUK Labozaal
Thu 29 Sep 201620:00

FREE withouth reservation
Tickets are handed out at STUK Reception one hour before the concert

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