Belgian Table Drumming Championships

Table drumming world championship finals

Belgian Table Drumming Championships


20:00Presentation candidates & jury
20:30 Round 1
21:20 Drum performance Simon Segers
22:00PAUSE : The Megaphone Ensemble (Courtyard)
23:05and the winner is... 
23:15Closing performance Eric Thielemans

It might sound like a joke, but this is for real. The organisers of the Dutch music festival Incubate thought this plan up; the exact rules for the game will be revealed later, but the contest will be about speed, agility, improv and following the rhythm of a song. All styles – from death metal to jazz – are welcome. A jury of professional drummers will judge the contestants. Table tapping is not only a thing for metalheads: through this championship everyone can become a fantastic drummer. Start practising your finger gymnastics… we will provide a first aid kit.

Follow the rhythm
Own composition

Eric Thielemans (Mâäk Spirit, Lidlboj, Coca Cola Met God,...)
Stefanie Mannaerts (Brutus, Raveyards, Rumours,...)
Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, Black Flower, Stadt,...)
Vincent Tetaert (Music promotor Beursschouwburg Brussels)

Live acts
Solo performances by Eric Thielemans and Simon Segers 


  • World Championship Table Drumming - Incubate Festival
STUK Labozaal
Wed 28 Sep 201620:00

FREE withouth reservation
Tickets are handed out at STUK Reception one hour before the concert

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