Challenges of Identity

Challenges of Identity

Anthony Appiah (Winner of the Spinoza Award 2016)

On 24 November, Spinoza's birth date, the leading British-Ghanaian philosopher and writer Kwame Anthony Appiah (1955) receives the 2016 edition of the biennial Spinozalens in Amsterdam. This prize is awarded to a person who has distinguished herself or himself in thinking about the foundations ofethics. On the occasion of this distinction and at the invitation of the University of Leuven, Appiah gives a lecture at STUK a day before receiving the award.

His important publications include In My Father's House (1992), in which he elucidates the important role played by African identity and heritage in African-American history, and the recently published The Ethics of Identity, and Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers. In this latest work, the author argues for a greater role for art and literature in our cultural and social awareness, and eliminates stereotypes about 'the West and the rest'.

In this lecture, 'Challenges of Identity', Appiah addresses challenges posed by various forms of religious and national identity. After all, misunderstanding identity engenders manifold problems in the social and political system. Philosophy cannot tell people what to do, but it can advise on the options. Such insights are nowhere more necessary than in matters of religion, nationalism and their subsequent relations.

With an introduction by Professor Frank Vandenbroucke for the International Spinoza Award Foundation.

With the Institute of Philosophy, Univserity of Leuven and the International Spinoza Award Foundation.

STUK Auditorium
Wed 23 Nov 201616:00

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Lecture in English 

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