Archives Intérieures x Entr'acte present Peder Mannerfelt + Andrew Pekler

Absolute Controlling Body

Archives Intérieures x Entr'acte present Peder Mannerfelt + Andrew Pekler


20:15Andrew Pekler
21:15Peder Mannerfelt

Peder Mannerfelt has served for the last decade as one of Sweden’s leading electronic artists. As the pseudonym The Subliminal Kid, he collaborated with musicians such as Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead and Glasser and remixed the likes of Massive Attack, Lykke Li and Bat for Lashes. He is part of the experimental duo Roll The Dice. In 2013 Mannerfelt unveiled a new solo carreer and in 2014 he launched his LP
Describing Lines. He released the experimental Swedish Congo Record(Archives Intérieures) where he investigates by means of techno and coldwave African percussion and European colonialism. On his latest album Controlling Body the underlying themes are less explicit but the ambiguïty of the titles raise a series of questions: What constitutes a body, for instance? What do our bodies control, and what forces control us? Is it possible that the computers are really in charge? Peder Mannerfelt will play his very first live set in Belgium.

Andrew Pekler was born in Uzbekistan, grew up in the US and moved to Berlin in ‘95. Andrew Pekler's approach to music and sound is an experiment with found materials, they samples, instruments or genre conventions. His latest work, Tristes Tropiques is an album of synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings. His previous albums were electronic investigations of the emotional sweep and grain of easy listening music, he composed an entire album from short text descriptions of what the
music should sound like, and installed a record shop in an art gallery in order to sell one
record with 300 different covers.

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