CANCELLED: Dystopia?

© Pieterjan Ginckels – Trump l'oeil, 7th Bucharest Biennale

CANCELLED: Dystopia?

Peter Eisenman (USA) & Pieterjan Ginckels (BE)

We regret to inform you that the upcoming AUDITORIUM double lecture by the renowned architect Peter Eisenman and artist Pieterjan Ginckels, scheduled for Tuesday 21.03 in STUK, is canceled. Peter Eisenman (USA) cannot come to Leuven due to medical reasons. 

All purchased tickets will be refunded, or can be exchanged for the lecture by Renzo Martens & David Gianotten on 4/05. Please mail to before 1 May 2017, and if you want a refund please mention the ticket number and your bank account number. We apologize for all inconvenience.


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Where does utopia manifest itself in the tension between the render and the real?

In the late-capitalist economy of ideas and images, the idea, in particular the digital representation of that idea, takes over the role of its actual realization. Architectural projects become iconic on blogs or through renders, while it seems less and less of concern whether or not, and how, they function in reality. What if this digital representation and imaging in turn becomes material and enters physical reality? When does architecture become branding in material form in the case of Trump Towers, Kanye West designs, Apple stores, or other luxury  design services? How can architecture,  including architecture on paper, navigate the tension between real and render, between real-real and real-fake?   

Peter Eisenman is an internationally recognized architect and educator whose award-winning large-scale housing and urban design projects, innovative facilities for educational institutions, and series of inventive private houses attest to a career of excellence in design.

Prior to establishing a full-time architectural practice in 1980, he worked as an independent architect, educator, and theorist. In 1967, he founded the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), an international think tank for architecture in New York, and served as its director until 1982.

Currently the Charles Gwathmey Professor in Practice at the Yale School of Architecture, Peter Eisenman’s academic career also includes teaching at Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, and Ohio State universities.  He is also an author, whose most recent books include: Written Into the Void: Selected Writings, 1990-2004 (Yale University Press, 2007) and Ten Canonical Buildings, 1950-2000 (Rizzoli, 2008), which examines in depth buildings by ten different architects.

He was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2004 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Pieterjan Ginckels does not use modern technology with caution, he contrarily considers its quick and superficial use as part of a process of socialisation. He creates ensembles of status symbols, it-items in the archive of the here and now. Macarons, spam mails, slow coffee and fixed gear bikes feature in extensive performances and complex installations in which he evaluates the current time.

SPEEDISM, the alter ego of artist/architect Pieterjan Ginckels, explores through  SPEED TRIPS the territory of architecture as fiction. Through the format of a road trip (previous trips having taken place in Beijing, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Brussels, the Belgian coast and to Belgium’s former Rave monuments) for which the artist applies both props and performative tactics, a group of people are invited to scout those spaces that were taken over by the energy of the crowd.

Pieterjan Ginckels is an artist and an architect. He teaches at the Architecture Department of the Luca School of Arts in Brussels, where he also prepares a Ph.D. His work is part of the permanent collection of Mu.ZEE Ostend and ING Belgium and was exhibited, among others, at BOZAR (Brussels), ANDOR (London), The Graham Foundation (Chicago), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), NAK (Aken) and the Bucharest Biënnale.

6 TOPIA: Conversations on Utopia and the Real

Six conversations confront utopian fictions on the city with their real-life counterparts. Whereas Thomas More used the fictive island of Utopia to hold up a mirror to the society of the time, the series re-engages with utopian thinking on architecture and the city from the point of view of its different incarnations and apparitions in reality. This takes place in the actuality of late capitalism in which representation and reality intersect and coincide. How can future scenarios for architecture and the city be truly radical and tangible in the current moment, where ideas, concepts and imageries have become commodities rather than catalysts for real societal change?

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