Ben Vida - Reducing the Tempo to Zero

Ben Vida – Reducing the Tempo to Zero [teaser]

Ben Vida - Reducing the Tempo to Zero

Ben Vida is an American sound artist who investigates auditive illusions and bizarre acoustic phenomena. He worked together with, among others, former Battles singer Tyondai Braxton. In Reducing the Tempo to Zero he builds on Slipping Control, where text is the base of sound. Reducing the Tempo to Zero is an ongoing performance somewhere between an installation and a concert. Ben Vida uses electronics and local vocalists are spread out throughout the space and use their voices as a percussive instrument. The audience can walk in and out and experience the performance sitting, lying down or walking, while slowly losing sense of space and time.

Ben Vida 

Ben Vida makes a composition based on a score made of vowels, which are sung by 10 vocalists. You can be one of them! You don't have to be a professional singer, but a good sense of rhythm could come in handy.
Interested? Mail gilke.vanuytsel[at]  

25/10 19:00-22:00 
26/10 14:00-17:00 + 19:00-22:00
27/10 14:00-17:00    

STUK Studio
Thu 27 Oct 201620:00

FREE, no ticket required

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