Animation Nations 2

Animation Nations 2

The cream of the crop for animation lovers! From clay-mation to high-tech 3D animation, from classically drawn masterpieces to surprising stop motion with edited photos, all styles and sizes are represented in two divine compilations of the very best this year had to offer in animation.

Sanjay’s Super Team Sanjay Patel • VS
Amélia & Duarte Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos • Portugal
Glove Alexa Lim Haas • VS
Padre Santiago Bou Grasso • Frankrijk, Argentinië
All Your Favorite Shows Danny Madden • VS
14 Amélie Graffet, Cyril Flous, Charlotte Da-Ros, Roxane Martinez,
David Jurine, Juliette Coutellier • Frankrijk
Once Upon a Line Alicja Jasina • VS, Polen
An Eye for an Eye Steve Bache, Louise Peter, Mahyar Goudarzi • Duitsland
Zeezucht Marlies van der Wel • Nederland
Sleepy Steve Meghann Artes • VS

Totale duur: 1u20 • Vertoningen: za 3/12 (22u30), di 6/12 (17u30) & za 10/12 (15u) in Soetezaal & ma 5/12 (22u) in Labozaal

STUK Soetezaal, STUK Labozaal
Sat 3 Dec 201622:30
Mon 5 Dec 201622:00
Tue 6 Dec 201617:30
Sat 10 Dec 201615:00

Basis: € 7,50
Reductie: € 6,00

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