Competition for European films: European Competition 3

Competition for European films: European Competition 3

What is the Best European Short Film of the past year? With films from Iceland and Cyprus, from the UK and Ukraine this competition is as diverse as the genres it includes: hilarious comedies, exciting thrillers, profound film poems, realistic dramas and even a troll movie. Come and find out for yourself which short film should win your vote.

The awards in this category are the Jury Award and the Audience Award. The winner of the Jury Award earns a spot on the longlist for the Academy Awards 2018.

Viktoria Mónica Lima • Duitsland • drama
Semele Myrsini Aristidou • Cyprus • coming-of-age
La Leçon Tristan Aymon • Zwitserland • slice of life
The Hunchback Gabriel Abrantes, Ben Rivers • Portugal • humor
Grýla Tómas Heidar Johannesson • IJsland • horror

Totale duur: 1u39 • Vertoningen: zo 4/12 (21u45), wo 7/12 (19u45) & do 8/12 (17u30) in Cinema ZED

Sun 4 Dec 201621:45
Wed 7 Dec 201619:45
Thu 8 Dec 201617:30

Basis: € 7,5

Reductie: € 6

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