Nelson Danst [4+]

Aftermovie boekvoorstelling Nelsons dansboek

Nelson Danst [4+]

Dafne Maes

Nelson asks you to dance, together with your child. Professional dance coach Dafne Maes introduces you to Nelsons dansboek, a book in which Nelson and his family take you on a trip through twenty short dance games. They use dance to paint in the sky and control each other’s body with a weird remote control. They drum on the floor with their entire body and let each other fly through the air. They move like they never moved before. In the end, they push their favourite games through a huge dance machine and put together their own dance performance. Are you in? 

No predetermined dance moves in Nelsons dansboek. Forget about what rhythm the music is in or how you have to count. Incited by contemporary dance, you and your child are challenged to develop a personal dance language and taught how to write a choreography.

Laura Van Bouchout travels between Leuven and Los Angeles. She works as a journalist and is the spiritual mother of Nelson. 

Dafne Maes lives in Antwerp. She dances in several dance projects and works as an educational collaborator and instructor at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Ultima Vez (Wim Vandekeybus) and Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker). She developed the dance educational website

Emma Thyssen lives in Antwerp. She is an illustrator and designer and is a long-time collaborator of the Nelson book series.

STUK Labozaal
Tue 4 Apr 201711:00
Tue 4 Apr 201716:00

The 14:00 workshop is cancelled. The workshops at 11:00 and 16:00 will take place as planned.

fixed price €5 euro / duo 
apply in duos (parent + child)
no experience required
75 minutes

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