JAMBINAI 잠비나이 - FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU LOST 그대가 잃어버린 그 모든 것들을 위하여



20:15 - 21:00Muziekvereniging De Clingse Bossen
21:15 - ...Jambinai

The South Korean band Jambinai has by far one of the most innovative sounds in East Asia’s underground scene. Not just a copy of western postrock bands, but by combining guitars with traditional Korean instruments they come up with a hybrid sound. The band members met each other at university and decided that Korean traditional music could use an uppercut. And so they brought the world ‘metalfolk’. Jambinai toured around the world and played at numerous famous festivals such as SXSW, Roskilde and Primavera. Next February the American music label Bella Union will re-release their first LP
Différance, while their second album A Hermitage made it to The Quietus’ albums of the year list. They are often compared with bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky thanks to their atmospheric soundscapes, but they also produce some apocalyptic sparks. A treat for adventurous people.

Muziekvereniging De Clingse Bossen is a tale of two villages, and a hell of a lot of genres. Band members Lars Senders and Jan D’Hooghe live on both sides of the Belgian-Dutch border, divided by De Clingse Bossen (the Clingse Forest). This crossing of borders seems like the general theme when describing the music of this duo. It’s not eassy to pin down the band. They bring noise rock, postrock, soundscapes and weird electronica to the mix,

and blend it into something utterly surreal, but surprisingly easy on the ears. From instrumental Mike Patton-esque vibes, to Mogwai-like structures, paired with a playfulness akin to de portables, over a strong Kraut-pulse of Kosmische Musik, the band conjures up a multifaceted gem of an debut album that is a real treat for fans of adventurous music and will be released in may 2017 in collaboration with Consouling Agency.

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