Beraadgeslagen + Duo à l’encre

© Grégoire Verbeke

Beraadgeslagen + Duo à l’encre

ihkv Leuven Jazz


20:15Duo à l'Encre

is the crazy playground of wonderboys Lander Gyselinck (
drums-STUFF, LAB-trio, Howard Peach,...) and Fulco Ottervanger (toetsen, stem - STADT, De Beren Gieren). This genius musical think tank with drums, keys and nonsense has been ripening for many years in several Ghent basements and is now ready to pour this unpredictable mix of uncanny jazz, Fisher-Price-tunes and fruitless disco-classics over us.

Duo à l’encre is a collaboration between two talented artists with various artistic backgrounds, sound and image, coming together through improvisation. Teun Verbruggen has become a key figure in the Belgian Jazz scene. In ‘99 he graduated from Brussels Music Conservatory as master in Music/Jazz. His adventurous quest for a fresh sound and numerous drumming styles allowed him to share the stage with a bunch of reputable artists like Jef Neve, Flat Earth Society and Mauro Pawlowski. Together with Bruno Vansina he founded the label Rat Records in 2003 and fights for more visibility of the free jazz & improv scene. Vincent Glowinski is better known as BONOM, the graffiti artist that embellishes the walls of Brussels with black and white drawings of spiders and skeletons. For many years he worked undercover but since 2011 Glowinski leaves off his mask and trades the street for a stage. For this performance the duo expands to a quartet, as they are joined by Jozef Dumoulin and Andrew Claes (STUFF).

BeraadGeslagen Lander Gyselinck (drums) | Fulco Ottervanger (keys, stem)

Duo à l'Encre Vincent Glowinski (beeld) | Teun Verbruggen (drums) | Jozef Dumoulin (keys) | Andrew Claes (bas)

STUK Labozaal
Mon 20 Mar 201720:00
standardSTUK card
box office€ 14€ 12
presale€ 12€ 10

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