Xiu Xiu + El Yunque

Xiu Xiu + El Yunque


20:15El Yunque
21:20Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is the conduit for the uncompromising and unnervingly personal musical works of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Jamie Stewart, plus a roll call of collaborators both in studio and onstage..  Streaming forth a ceaseless gush of releases, side projects, art offerings and extensive international touring since 2002, Xiu Xiu’s music has veered from damaged avant-pop to artfully orchestrated rock, squalls of black-hearted noise and most bases around and between, ever served with a bruising honesty and intensity that has ripped out the hearts of a legion of obsessive listeners.

The new Xiu Xiu album is called FORGET, and follows a period of epic productivity that has seen them produce and tour the pitch-perfect Plays the Music of Twin Peaks project, collaborate with Mitski, recorded an album with Merzbow and score an experimental reworking of the Mozart opera The Magic Flute.

All of this frantic, external activity lead to a softly damaged dreaminess and broadened intent that has not been heard before in other Xiu Xiu works.. It features guest appearances by fabled minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine and Swans guitar virtuoso Kristof Hahn.


Pronounce it however you like ([younk], [yunk] or [yonk-eh]), but the clashing noise of El Yunque comes at you like a sledgehammer. Guitar explosions, tempo changes, maniacal screaming, spoken-word nonsense and intense drum work – it all passes by on Boxes, the successor to debut Baskenland. The crown princes of the b(l)ooming Belgian noise scene sound like the bastard child of Swans and Lightning Bolt : bold, blaring and brutal. Extra insurance for blood noses, concussions and flying guitars is requested.

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