Isbells + Eyemèr

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Isbells + Eyemèr


20:15 - 20:50Eyemèr
21:10 - ...Isbells

IsbellsGaëtan Vandewoude went on a family trip to Italy. In a house surrounded by nature, he found the ideal setting for the record that had already been playing inside his head for quite a while. Exchanging Thoughts was finished in 2 hours time. The crickets, the wind and dogs barking are the background noises of the album. The sound of a unprompted moment with just one push on the record button. Peace and unquietness in perfect harmony. For the first time Gaëtan will not be a storyteller, but he lets the stream of his own inner thoughts speak. This spontaneous moment will be performed live only a few times with the entire band. Nothing more, nothing less. Exchanging Thoughts is an exclusive 10 "vinyl release, limited edition. It will be released for Record Store Day (April 22nd) and will only be available in independent record store or at the Exchanging Thoughts concerts. 


Eyemèrsinger-songwriter Sarah Devreese, is the ideal opener with her subtle voice and pure sound.


STUK Labozaal
Wed 17 May 201720:00
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presale€ 12€ 10

This is a seated concert

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