Sour Grapes & D²: Wine Tasting

Sour Grapes & D²: Wine Tasting

Jerry Rothwell & Reuben Atlas

How to fake an old and expensive Bordeaux wine? Mix a few wines together, put a cork in the bottle, put the correct label on it and done! Unfortunately it is not that simple. Or is it? Rudy Kurniawan managed to get the job done several times. For years he managed to deceive the wine industry. Sour Grapes tells the exciting story of the largest wine fraud of all time - at least the largest one revealed up to now... Beware of a hangover!

How did con man Rudy Kurniawan betray wine merchants and collectors with fake wines during all these years? Kurniawan is infamous for being the first wine fraud ever to be caught in the US, falsifying award-winning quality wines from acknowledged wineries. With the help of a chemist he mixed wines until their taste resembled the flavour of an old, very expensive Bordeaux. And he succeeded, in fact he triumphed. Even Bill Koch spent up to 2.1 million dollar for 200 bottles of Rudy's wine. This wine scamming game continued until 2012, when Kurniawan's sour deception was exposed.
Directors Jerry Rothwell and Reuben Atlas follow the detectives who finally unmasked Rudy Kurniawan - now firmly locked up behind bars. The cork of his amazing fraud popped when wine collector Bill Koch and winemaker Laurent Ponsot questioned the authenticity of Kurniawan's rare wines. Sour Grapes shows the bitter side of the wine industry: a world characterized not only by good taste, but also by the unreal sum of money that naive wine lovers are willing to spend because of status rather than taste. Sour Grapes can thus be seen as a modern version of the fable The Emperor's New Clothes.
A winetasting follows the screening of Sour grapes.
Learn to recognize the different taste and smell components of various wines and get to know their names and terminology. What is the difference between a Bordeaux or burgundy and other wines? Do you taste a terroir? Does the vintage year matter that much? 

Documentaire / 2016 / 1:25 / Regie: Jerry Rothwell & Reuben Atlas / / Verenigd Koninkrijk / Gesproken taal: Engels / Leeftijdscategorie: AL

Fri 24 Mar 201719:30

Basis: € 25

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