Loops ism LUCA School of Arts

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Loops ism LUCA School of Arts

For the interdisciplinary project Loops, students of the fine arts and music department at LUCA School of Arts got to work with the Loops compositions from the oeuvre of Philippe Hurel. The project explores how interdisciplinary performances can unveil the complex layering in the loops process while being performed live. The projects resulted in live performances, installations and improvisation, which will be shown during the interdisciplinary project on April 19 at STUK.

This cross-campus project is coached by Peter Jacquemyn, Klaas Verpoest and Vincent Caers and is part of their artistic research at LUCA School of Arts.

STUK Labozaal
Wed 19 Apr 201719:45
standardSTUK card
box office€ 14€ 12
presale€ 12€ 10

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