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Sonja Jokiniemi

RRRRR is a performance project that is looking into hallucinatory, delusional and derailed structures used as choreographic starting points. Sonja Jokiniemi is interested in the schizophrenic aspect of our contemporary reality. The work moves between peripheral otherness, fantasies and confusion; exploring disassociative, rhythmic and punning qualities of language. Different soundings, kinaesthetic aspect of language and clangs (speech pattern) create a full-bodied lingual landscape, where images, concepts and material morph.

Direction, performance, text Sonja Jokiniemi | Set designer and dramaturge Miguel Angel Melgares | Sound designer Natalia Dominguez Rangel | Light designer Jenni Pystynen | Producer Riikka Thitz | Performance photos Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen | Co-production Dampfzentrale Bern and Kiasma Theatre | Residency support STUK Kunstencentrum, Arc Artist Residency, Arsenic Theatre and Les Urbaines | With support of Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
This project has received support from the TelepART Mobility Support Platform. The TelepART project’s mission is to promote artistic collaboration between Finland and the Benelux countries.

STUK Labozaal
Thu 11 May 201719:00


reservation required via ticket@stuk.be

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