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Michiel Vandevelde

But we never permitted the birth of logic among us.
— Oswald de Andrade, Manifesto Antropófago 

In 1928, Oswald de Andrade wrote his ‘cannibalist manifesto’, which advocated the consumption, digestion, and excretion in a new form of colonized cultures. With Andrade’s manifesto in mind, Michiel Vandevelde questions what we can consider to be ‘invasive’ in public spaces in the West. In an attempt to create a alter western culture, he arms himself with video clips and advertising. The result is an intimate, explosive solo. By adding all the dance and music from his previous productions to the mix, Vandevelde generates a synthesis of his search for a hitherto undiscovered culture. But his central question remains: who eats and who gets eaten?

Choreography Michiel Vandevelde | Dance and creation Bryana Fritz | Costume Lila John | Light design Michiel Vandevelde, Tom Bruwier | Technique Michiel Vandevelde, Tom Bruwier | Feedback Esther Severi, Kristof van Baarle, Dries Douibi, Maria Rossler | Production Disagree vzw | Co-production Kaaitheater | Management Klein Verzet vzw | With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie | Residencies Kaaitheater, Pianofabriek, Vooruit, STUK, PACT Zollverein | Thanks to Karlien Vanhoonacker, Julian Warner, the team of Kaaitheater

STUK Soetezaal
Thu 18 Jan 201820:30

standard €12 / reduction €8


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