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Alma Söderberg

Deepetude is a Deep Etude of embodied rhythm. Polyrhythm is the living object of study. A layering of (different) rhythms by means of recorded sound (machine drum), live sound (voice) and dance (body) will take the listener back to where she already is, or even past that, into yesterday. Deepetude is an old new thing. It digs and can be digged. Make room! For here comes a piece of dance and a piece of music where one and the other are both separable and inseparable in the ear-eye of the beholder. They are only separable insofar as they can change places with each other, and only inseparable insofar as the one makes the other perceivable. They play apart. The foreground and the background shift, the one carves itself into the other, the dance becomes the back-track of the music, the movement excavates the sound and brings it to the surface. Deepetude is anti-anti-essentialist; it is a study that is a spirit, a composition that is a practice or an object that is a skill. Deepetude is not a word but could have been had things taken another turn, had Machine not meant what it means today. It is building depth through deceptive repetition.

'A distinction should be made between static repetition and organic (or deceptive) repetition, in which the reiterated rhythmical or melodic motif is merely a device for capturing the attention, the music's ultimate aim being that of imposing itself totally upon the consciousness of the listener.'
Paul Bowles on Berber social music.

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer. Her works emerge out of a practice of voice and movement. Rhythm is her drive. She has made the solo performances: Cosas, TRAVAIL and Nadita in which her vocal work is the common denominator. In collaboration with Jolika Sudermann she made the performance A Talk and she plays in the performance band John The Houseband. In 2014 she made the performance Idioter together with Hendrik Willekens with whom she also started the music project wowawiwa.

STUK Atelier 1
Mon 22 May 2017 - Sun 4 Jun 2017.

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