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Oneka von Schrader

SHE is a solo performance on the crossroads of DIY-spiritualism, urban shamanism, and feminist channeling practices. SHE invites us to a working studio, where SHE is present, armed with a tool-belt and engaged in one clear task: building a shrine, for something or someone bigger than herself. The material of the shrine is made up of every-day objects, found in the storage rooms or back-alleys of the theatre, ranging from left-over planks and cartons, to packing material and an old soy-yoghurt. SHE also engages with the audience during the course of the performance through other tasks such as reading personalized oracles from a tool-catalogue for the audience, channeling female voices from the past, and relating to the audience’s energies, their way of seating, and their past week's headaches.

 My research on spiritualism comes from my interest in finding a presence and physicality on stage that works synchronously matter-of-factly (in the sense of task-oriented, building a shrine) and holy (in the sense of dedicating all my attention and physical presence towards one object). SHE is therefore also a research into new movement languages and states of being present on stage in the alliance between holy and playful, concentrated and open.

Oneka von Schrader, born 1987 near Vienna, Austria, on stage in little projects since 1994, studying Shiatsu from 2006-2010 and SNDO/Choreography in Amsterdam from 2011-2015, since then working as a performer and choreographer between Amsterdam, Brussels and Vienna. 

Her recent works were Panda Express, which premiered in SPRING Festival 2016 and will be part of the young makers series 8:tension during Impulstanz 2017. The solo SHE will premiere during Batard Festival Brussels in November 2017. In December this year, also, a new group dance will premiere in Veem House for Performance Amsterdam.

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Mon 26 Jun 2017 - Sun 2 Jul 2017.
Tue 3 Oct 2017 - Thu 12 Oct 2017.

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