1 - 13 August 2017

In Æ – All ears we work with vocal recordings of poets, neighbors or public figures speaking. We listen to how words move us, and step with their flow. Our bodies swing to the shifts in tone and rhythm, reacting to impulses and hesitations of the voice speaking. We find grammar in texture, jump on exceptions, ride on mistakes. Our feet trace accents and melodies. We dance to words and phrase along phrases. We tread upon them. We shift between following along, stepping aside or taking distance, dreaming away or coming back to what we hear. We make associations and observe how we listen. We look at what that produces and allow our thoughts, emotions, memories and images to participate.

Spoken words can be harsh, fast, tender, heavy, loud, smooth or strong. They change, and voices often combine many of these states. Through changes, a melody emerges that relies as much on meaning as on a feel for words, i.e. their musicality and texture. The same holds true for movements and for a sequence of movement that is dance.

Æ is a listening dance. Here, we practice choreography as means to question listening, and more specifically how the body can receive, react and compose with spoken texts. From the audience’s perspective, the dancing bodies support and dialogue with the voices while also creating a spatial and physical composition. Listening can be experienced as an act that addresses many of our senses, our ears and eyes, our minds and our bodies, from head to toe.

Philipp Enders is a choreographer, dancer and performer, living in Berlin. He is a 2014 graduate in dance and choreography of the HZT Berlin. In his own work he investigates how musical forms, techniques and expressions can be applied to choreography and explores the various relationships between text and movement with a particular focus on spoken language. As a performer, he worked with, amongst others, choreographer Martin Nachbar, David Weber-Krebs and visual artist Paul Hendrikse.

Adaline Anobile is a choreographer and performer. She completed a Master in Textile Design at La Cambre Visual Arts School (BE) before pursuing her research in dance. In 2015, she completed a Master in Choreography at ex.e.r.ce in the Choreographic Center in Montpellier (FR). Her performances shift between sensory experiences and abstraction, developing a language that often involves thinking and moving with objects, durational structures and voice.

STUK Studio
Tue 1 Aug 2017 - Sun 13 Aug 2017.

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