Inspirations (working title)

Inspirations (working title)

Begüm Erciyas

Objects seem sometimes dead, sometimes alive. We mostly act with reason, but sometimes superstitions take the upper hand. Doubt and conviction change roles in the blink of an eye. We constantly shift between different orders of reality. The transition from one realm to the other in an ever-changing rhythm is what interests me the most for my upcoming work.

In my approach to choreography I have always been busy with surpassing the division between subject and object, active and passive, audience and performer. With each piece, the self and the non-self moved closer, until, in my last work (Voicing Pieces, 2016) they became very intimate. Suddenly, the strange and the unknown were not only curious properties of the object, but also an essential part of oneself.

This upcoming project is part of this recent line of work on how to cultivate an other within. In Inspirations I would like to bring anthropological references as a new element into my work and be inspired by these references, to create immersive situations in the theater. Major part of the research period will be the search for moments, in which “as if” beliefs turn into actual affects or physical sensations.

This research phase will be realised in collaboration with Diego Agullo.

Begüm Erciyas was born 1982 in Ankara / Turkey. While studying molecular biology and genetics in Ankara, she was engaged in various dance projects in Turkey and became part of [laboratuar], a performing arts research and project group. Since 2006, she has been an active member of Sweet and Tender Collaborations, taking part in several collaborative and collective projects and meetings. She was artist-in-residence at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2007/08, at K3- Zentrum für Choreographie in 2009 and at the Villa Kamogawa / Goethe Institute Kyoto in 2014. In 2017 she will be in residence at The Saison Foundation Tokyo as part of the research for her upcoming work. Her past works, such as Ballroom (2010), this piece is still to come (2012), A Speculation (2014), Voicing Pieces (2016), have been presented at several venues and in various contexts.

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Tue 3 Apr 2018 - Sun 15 Apr 2018.

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