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Together with a number of Flemish and Brussels-based organizations, STUK takes part again in the Dag van de Dans on April 28th 2018. The highlight of the day will be the third edition of the OPEN STAGE: we invite dancers and choreographers from Leuven and beyond to present their choreography.


PART 1 – 14:30 - 16:00

BURn Kiddo’s – Fresh (choreografie: Jeroen Lissens)
Annelien Grosjean – Every time 
Leuvense Balletakademie – Chaconne Theobroma - Montagnes-Lines (choreografie: Sofie Verhoelst; muziek: Stijn Kuppens)
Company TA  – I am both yes and no but human 
Jennifer Regidor & Tiziana Mombelli – A shoe story 
Heyoka – HEYOKA 
Be House – Metis 
Leuvense Balletakademie – Torn (dans: Helena Stynen; choreografie: Sofie Verhoelst)
Modern – Blauwput Dans – Hide and Seek
Litte Van Horebeek – Mjúkt, Hljóður og Flytja (zacht, stil en bewegen)
Grégoire Malandain (Ultima Vez) – Lux of Boredom

PART 2 – 17:00 - 19:00

Mo-Flow – Rewind
Blits 78 Kessel-Lo – You know you can’t Rome without Ceasar (choreografie: Freya Pauwels) 
Ruby en Imran – LLAW (short version)
Paola Madrid – A FEW AND FAR (Movement Research)
JesCom – Every Heart
Isabella Arboleda – Parafina
Thekla Compagnie – Safehaven (choreografie: Freya Pauwels) 
Compagnie Aira – Formidable (Danscentrum Aike Raes; choreografie: Zoë Demoustier) 
SLAC Conservatorium (Leuven) – Onderweg
Patricia Hastewell en Alexandros Anastasiadis (Ultima Vez) – Bardo Vals
Moving Ground (Evelyne Van Hecke) – We All Speak In Poems

This Open Stage is part of Dag van de Dans

STUK Soetezaal
Sat 28 Apr 201814:30 - 19:00


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