Dance Karaoke

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Dance Karaoke

cie. Willi Dorner

Put on your dancing shoes and be sure to be warmed up: we close off Rode Hond in STUK with a proper party in STUKcafé! 

Led by Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner, a group of Leuven dance lovers and choreographers created a video for their favourite dance song. The principle behind Dance Karaoke is simple: choose a video and let yourself be guided by other people's contagious moves. Koning Kevin will be present to help you learn the moves, and afterwards a dj plays your favourite requests to try out your new dance moves.  

This performance is part of the family festival
 Rode Hond


concept en uitwerking cie. Willi Dorner | in samenwerking met Koning Kevin

Tue 31 Oct 201719:30



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