Auditorium 17/18 Act III: Re-set

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Auditorium 17/18 Act III: Re-set

RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] (NL)

The End of Sitting is social because it invites us to a negotiation of context; it makes us reconsider our routine behaviours and makes us ask “What is it that we are up to here?” It is design because in the negotiation it offers us new perspectives for action.
Jaap Warmenhoven, 2016

Lecture by David Habits

According to RAAAF, every project is a manifesto in itself. Their interventions are the result of an independent attitude and research agenda, starting from their own fascinations while confronting them with urgent societal issues. With a desire for a radical re-set of the current approach to architecture, Stad & Architectuur will discuss with RAAAF about their projects where seemingly unquestionable standards are put into question, as well as the social and cultural constructs that they embody. A paradigmatic example of this speculative modus operandi is their recent project The End of Sitting, an installation developed in collaboration with visual artist Barbara Visser which generates new affordances, inviting the visitors to experience different standing positions and opening up a landscape of new possibilities for the working and social environment. The audience will be addressed in a debate where there are no givens, but a new epistemological framework is suggested.


[Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] is a research led practice which works in the cross-section between architecture, art and philosophy. The inherent multidisciplinary character of RAAAF’s work derives from the background of its founders, Prix de Rome Architecture laureate Ronald Rietveld and philosopher Erik Rietveld who started the studio in 2006, as well as the diverse profile of its team members. For AUDITORIUM 2017/18 Stad en Architectuur will host David Habets. Habets is part of the core team of RAAAF, where he contributed to recent projects such as The End of Sitting and Vacant NL. He studied technical physics at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Eindhoven, but decided to venture into (landscape) architecture five years ago. Previously, he worked at the research institutes of TNO and the Holst Centre, where he focused on new materials for photovoltaics. While still working at TNO (the former research institute of the Dutch government), he started studying on a Master’s program at the Academy for Building Arts in Amsterdam. During the last four years, he has worked as a freelance researcher and designer at TNO, REDscape and RAAAF. Combining professional fields, Habets is trying to create a practice at the crossroads of architecture, applied science, and arts, with projects including Biochemical Landscapes of South-West NL, and New Substrate for an Old Mine at a former Royal DSM chemical industrial site.

Lecture series architecture, urbanism and design 2017/2018

ACT!ons – Architecture as a Laboratory

AUDITORIUM 2017-18 aims at delineating and expanding the territory in which architecture currently operates by means of a series of actions. If knowledge production is usually regarded as an introvert process, the aim of the series is to open it up by discussing and acting upon it. Much like scientific experiments take place to enable scientists to precisely test the interaction of complex variables, the idea of the laboratory as a space of action rather than a hermetic and controlled environment aims to incite change through (architectural) acts that carefully balance complex forces. The selection of voices intends to draft an inventory of possible actions as triggers that can generate unpredictable reactions. Thus entering a breeding ground where discoveries and new opportunities can unfold.

CURATORS Giulia Cosenza & Albert Takashi Richters | PARTNERS STUK Kunstencentrum, KU Leuven dep. architectuur, Existenz | SUPPORT BY Stad Leuven, Vlaamse Overheid | SPONSORING Febelcem, Vandersanden Group, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium

STUK Auditorium
Thu 15 Feb 201820:00
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