Auditorium 17/18 Act V: Affect

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Auditorium 17/18 Act V: Affect

Farshid Moussavi FMA (IR/UK)

Style, then, rather than pertaining to something external to a building, manifests itself as the cluster of affects which make up that building and which determine how people experience it − both aesthetically and in their everyday activities. Therefore, by producing unconventional arrangements or assemblages, architects can generate a unique cluster of affects.
Farshid Moussavi, 2015

Lecture by Farshid Moussavi 

Style is often regarded as a formalism in architecture, an aesthetic quality which is detached from the experience of a building. Farshid Moussavi radically subverts this notion by arguing that style is a process rather than an inward-looking aesthetic exercise, which connects image and form to how the latter performs vis-a-vis people’s everyday life. With this lecture, Stad en Architectuur invites founder of the internationally renowned London based practice FMA and Professor in Practice of Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Farshid Moussavi to lecture about her work, which combines theoretical investigation, research with digital tools and experiment, revealing new layers of meaning behind the making of architecture.

Next to her extensive academic activities worldwide, Moussavi’ s work is deeply rooted in critical research which she carries out through FunctionLab, research branch of FMA. FunctionLab explores cultural questions that find actualisation in the building commissions of the office, allowing for informed and innovative results. With the well-known series of books The Function of… she has explored the theory and history of ornament, form, and style. According to Moussavi, identifying and breaking conventions, allows for arrangements that trigger new habits of behaviour and engagement with form. In practice, FMA’s varied oeuvre which ranges from residential and retail to cultural spaces, demonstrates how architecture can have a specific agency in enhancing people’s engagement with buildings as dialogic presences in a constantly changing reality. Looking for example at Moussavi’ s first project in the US, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, the radical caesura with the traditional white cube gallery creates a flexible space in which art and social activities coexist and a new continuity is created between the museum and the city.

FMA was founded in 2011 by Moussavi. Among its completed projects are the acclaimed Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art in Ohio, the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale installation Architecture and its Affects and the Victoria Beckham Flagship Store in London. Before forming FMA, Moussavi co-founded Foreign Office Architects (FOA) where she co-authored the design of many award-winning projects including the Yokohama International Ferry Terminal in Japan, the Meydan retail complex in Istanbul, and the Carabanchel social housing complex in Madrid. FMA is currently working on a range of prestigious international projects including an office complex in the City of London and a residential complex in the La Défence area of Paris.

Lecture series architecture, urbanism and design 2017/2018

ACT!ons – Architecture as a Laboratory

AUDITORIUM 2017-18 aims at delineating and expanding the territory in which architecture currently operates by means of a series of actions. If knowledge production is usually regarded as an introvert process, the aim of the series is to open it up by discussing and acting upon it. Much like scientific experiments take place to enable scientists to precisely test the interaction of complex variables, the idea of the laboratory as a space of action rather than a hermetic and controlled environment aims to incite change through (architectural) acts that carefully balance complex forces. The selection of voices intends to draft an inventory of possible actions as triggers that can generate unpredictable reactions. Thus entering a breeding ground where discoveries and new opportunities can unfold.

CURATORS Giulia Cosenza & Albert Takashi Richters | PARTNERS STUK Kunstencentrum, KU Leuven dep. architectuur, Existenz | SUPPORT BY Stad Leuven, Vlaamse Overheid | SPONSORING Febelcem, Vandersanden Group, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium

STUK Auditorium
Thu 8 Mar 201820:00
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