Sextile + Public Psyche

Sextile - One Of These (Official Video)

Sextile + Public Psyche

As a stable fixture in the Los Angeles underground, Sextile has been gaining a devout following since its creation in 2015. The four-piece outfit has all the makings of a revolutionary sound boldly throwing convention out the window to create an entirely original, genre-bending imprint that combines the raw energy of 70s punk with the intricate and sophisticated structural elements of 80’s post-punk and synthwave. Albeit Living sets the tone for a politically charged, introspective album of impassioned observations on our world today. Despite its more sophisticated sound, the album manages to match and even intensify the seductive energy of their live shows and debut album.


After a surprising name change, Rape Blossoms is back as Public Psyche with their third LP No New Violence. Perhaps no new violence, but a stronger emphasis on synthesizers, tape delay and repetition produced by the notorious Beyt Al Tapes create a genuine lo-fi mood that could be described as ‘slurry dub/cesspool punk’. No New Violence was released in September 2017 on Hypertension Records.


  • Public Psyche - Patterns
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