Masterclass met kabinet k

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Masterclass met kabinet k

On the occasion of the performance Invisible, kabinet k and STUK organise a two-day masterclass

kabinet k focuses on the encounter and collaboration of children and dancers. Based on the working process of
Invisible, this masterclass will shed a light on the dance language that characterizes kabinet k’s work. Children and dancers will work together intensively for 2 days, starting from tasks that have also been used in the recent creation process of Invisible. How do a trained and an untrained body relate? How does dance relate to its source material? How does the working process relate to the dance dramaturgy?  

For this masterclass, we are looking for 8 professional dancers who want to join 8 children aged 8 to 11, and delve into the dance language and unique methods of kabinet k. The children have some experience with dance and working processes, and are invited directly by kabinet k and STUK.

Kabinet k’s approach to dance is organic, focusing on a certain authenticity in movement rather than on virtuosity. Content precedes over aesthetics. Kabinet k’s dance language is at times contemplative, minimalistic and visual, and at other times it can be filled with raw, brutal and exuberant energy.  

kabinet k is Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven. Both are choreographers, with respective backgrounds in philosophy and graphic design. With kabinet k, they focus on dance performances with both professional dancers and children.  

Sat 24 Feb 201810:00 - 17:00
Sun 25 Feb 201810:00 - 17:00

This masterclass is fully booked

Teachers: Joke Laureyns en Kwint Manshoven
Language: Nederlands & Engels
Capacity: 8 professionele dansers

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