Rekenen met God

Rekenen met God

DeBuren i.s.m. STUK & Dienst Cultuur KU Leuven

This lecture is held in Dutch. 

Exact scientists shed their lights on the deepest spiritual questions man encounters. Is there a maker, a purpose, a plan? Is there life after or next to our world? Do natural sciences show traces of even the beginning of an answer to these questions? Or is the ingenious way things work, from the level of atoms to the almost incomprehensible idea of multiverses, proof of the Watchmaker analogy?  

Talks like these are of course philosophical by nature, but we explicitly look for the borders of scientific speculation. Joining us on those travels along the borders are astronomer Katrien Kolenberg (KU Leuven and UAntwerpen), physicist Juan Diaz Dorronsoro (KU Leuven) and Gerrit Glas (professor in philosophy of the neurosciences, VU Amsterdam). Moderated by Lisbeth Imbo.

Thomas Hertog can no longer be present at this lecture. 

STUK Auditorium
Thu 24 May 201820:00

Free, booking required via this link

Main language: Dutch

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