Monsoon Platform

Monsoon Platform

Europalia, STUK & Kobalt Works

An intercultural research platform in the frame of Europalia Indonesia under guidance of Arco Renz

South-East Asia is second home to choreographer Arco Renz. Europalia has invited him as guest curator for this year's festival with a focus on Indonesia. He knows a great deal about the diverse art scenes, in particular the dance practices of the archipelago, and together with local curators he has selected a performance programme for Europalia. As part of this programme STUK presents two performances by the Indonesian choreographer Eko Supriyanto (Cry Jailolo and Balabala). Since his participation to the transcultural project Monsoon hosted by STUK in 2010, Supriyanto has become an internationally respected choreographer. In the frame of Europalia STUK will organize a new edition of Monsoon.

Eight promising artists from Europe and Indonesia meet for the first time in Leuven. For two weeks they will be in the studio looking for (im)possible ways of working together. Can they find common ground between their different cultural backgrounds and personal perspectives? At various points during their collaboration you will have the opportunity to meet with these artists. We don't announce the names of the participating artists beforehand, since Monsoon is a blind date between artists from different backgrounds.

Opening: public showing with Indonesian work
14 Dec . 20:30 . STUK Soetezaal
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We kick off the Monsoon Laboratorium with a free showing of the four selected Indonesian artists, who will perform short fragments of their own work. An eclecitc mix of traditional Indonesian dance, contemporary dance, visual art and electronic music.

Closing public showing
21 Dec . 18:00 . STUK Studio
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To round off the Monsoon Laboratorium, the eight participating artists share the results of their blind dates. The group of participants consists of choreographers, a fashion designer, a musician and a visual artist, which will make for surprising confrontations. After the showing, there will be room for feedback and dialogue with the participants.

Tue 12 Dec 2017 - Thu 21 Dec 2017.

12-21.12 ongoing rehearsals (not open to the public)

20:30 Opening
Public showing of Indonesian work

21.12 18:00 Closing event
Public showing 

Access to the showings is free, but please subscribe via this link

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