clubSTUK: Mind Warp invites David Vunk + Screening Italo Disco Legacy

clubSTUK: Mind Warp invites David Vunk + Screening Italo Disco Legacy

Mind Warp, the radio show on Radio Scorpio and The Word Radio, celebrates its 8th birthday in style: Exalt and Bjeor bring David Vunk to Leuven for the first time. 
David Vunk (Moustache Records) The man, the legend. Head honcho van Moustache Records in Rotterdam. Graag geziene gast op Intergalactic FM en gekend bij het grote publiek door zijn beruchte sets op Dekmantel Selectors en Lente Kabinet. Listen & watch:
Bjeor (Horst, Mind Warp)

Exalt (Mind Warp)

Italo Disco Legacy 
22:30 - Cinema Zed 

A journey into the past and the future of Italo Disco music through the stories of the original 80's heroes and cult DJs and the voice of the new generation of artists, radio broadcasters and fans ready to carry on the Italo Disco Legacy.

Featuring interviews with Fred Ventura, Rago & Farina, Flemming Dalum, Steen Gjerulff (Body Electric), The Hacker, DJ Hell, Alexander Robotnick, Scotch, Albert One, Ken Laszlo, Martinelli, P. Lion, Koto, Brian Ice, Fancy, Brand Image, Marcello Catalano, Linda Jo Rizzo, Italove, Surf Dancer, Roberto Turatti, Sandro Codazzi, Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda, Marcello D'Azzurro, I-F, Otto Kraanen (Bordello a Parigi), Intergalactic Gary, David Vunk, Alden Tyrell, DJ Overdose, Tero & Kristiina Männikkö, Gwen De Bats (Radio Stad Den Haag), Mark du Mosch, Black Devil Disco Club, Francisco, Lorenzo Cibrario (Red Gallery London).

Fri 26 Jan 201822:30

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