Both, Two

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Both, Two

Vera Tussing & Esse Vanderbruggen

Where does a body begin? In our new creation, we take the duet form as a starting point for an investigation of the outer edges of human intelligibility. Tightly linked, two female bodies become one—or three, or none—a composite being with dynamic parts. What stories do we project on these bodies? What extraordinary components must collide to construct the familiar—or the new? Both, Two aims to overflow visuality, augmenting the act of watching with hearing, touching, and imagining. The dancers slip into and out of form, into and out of woman, into and out of human…. In a duet which both references and exceeds the tropes of the genre, Both, Two asks what is could mean, today, to be two together.


Vera Tussing graduated from London Contemporary Dance School, and has worked as a dancer, director and choreographer throughout Belgium, the UK and Europe. In 2007 she began to collaborate with Albert Quesada, which lead to Trilogy in 2011. She went on and created a sound-movement piece under the title You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet (2013) and T-Dance (2014) followed by the installation Sound Bed. The performance,The Palm of Your Hand premiered in 2015 and Mazing in November 2016. In March 2017 she collaborated with brussels based blind community on the recreation of The Palm of Your Hand#2, with the aim to open the work for blind and partially sighted audience members. The work premiered at CND in Paris and will be presented in Brussels in November 2017. She is currently working on a new creation with Esse Vanderbruggen under the title Both,Two. A central theme of Vera's work is how the different senses combine to structure our perception, and the creation of unique, inter-personal encounters between audience and performer/performance. She is a work place Artists at The Place London and she is in residence at Kaaitheater in Brussels. She also joined IN-FINITY and is supported by KAAP and South East Dance (UK). She toured with Benjamin Vandewalle's creation Birdwatching, but is mainly pursuing her own creations.

Esse Vanderbruggen is a Brussels based freelance dancer/performer. After graduating in P.A.R.T.S. in 2012, she worked a.o. with Vera Tussing, Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR - “Biensûr les choses Tournent mal”, “Volt(s)Face” ), CompagnieMonica (“Glimpses in Turbid Water”), Benjamin Vandewalle (Interview/EntreVue) , Isabella Soupart and Sam Touzani (“C’est ici que le jour se lève”). She is currently preparing a duet with Vera Tussing under the title Both, Two that will premiere in early 2018.

STUK Soetezaal
Mon 8 Jan 2018 - Mon 15 Jan 2018.

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