Ensemble label night

Ensemble label night

More than five years ago, Kong & Gratts started ensemble, then a series of club nights in the Belgian capital. Since then, it's evolved into a podcast series and vinyl label (distributed by Amsterdam mainstay Rush Hour). The imprint has so far showcased a broad range of sounds from allies such as Xosar, San Soda, Belgian cult jazz band Aksak Maboul, Juliano and Toby Tobias. Their last release came from 19 year old Belgian talent Rhythm Mind, whose acclaimed debut EP saw the light of day last autumn. 2018 sees ensemble kick things off with a bang: label heads Kong & Gratts embark on an Asian club tour before they head back to Gratts' home town Leuven for their label night at STUK. Last but not least, expect a few more exciting ensemble releases to hit the stores in the next coming months!

Early 9pm (!) kick-off at the LABO with live performances by Stellar OM Source and Fyoelk. Afterwards we'll take it back to our regular clubSTUK location for dj sets by Toby Tobias, Rhythm Mind and hosts Kong & Gratts.


Fyoelk, one half of Laser Poodle, brings dance that combines tribal rhythms, new wave-influences and experimental electronica together into one elastic whole.

WATCH https://goo.gl/jb8rCH
LISTEN  https://goo.gl/JBb2x4

Stellar OM Source
Stellar OM Source is the experimental ambient project of the French Christelle Gualdi. Led by the immediately recognizable sounds of an analog Roland TB-303 synthesizer, she creates her own universe of sound, at times trippy, dreamy, at times hard and cold.

WATCH  https://goo.gl/YzgmhW
LISTEN  https://goo.gl/bnkFEo

Rhythm Mind
Rhythm Mind is a young Brussels-based house-producer who released his debut EP in september 2017.

LISTEN  https://goo.gl/naFPqp

Toby Tobias
Toby Tobiass effortlessly mixes up his encyclopedic knowledge of all things electronic – breakbeat, techno, rave, house, …

WATCH  https://goo.gl/FKyry8
LISTEN  https://goo.gl/X66jz7

Kong & Gratts
Kong & Gratts both put their years of experience in the Belgian house-scene into exciting and versatile sets. Together they run the ensemble label.

WATCH  https://goo.gl/Nmv78f

STUK Labozaal
Fri 23 Feb 201821:00
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