Feest van de Filosofie - Theme: Verbeelding aan de macht

Feest van de Filosofie - Theme: Verbeelding aan de macht

Chantal Mouffe, Alicja Gescinska, Koen Peeters, ...

The theme of this year's Philosophy Festival refers to the slogan that adorned the walls of Paris 50 years ago: Power to imagination (L'imagination au pouvoir). The events of May 68, preceded in our country by 'Leuven Vlaams', were marked by protets for more participation and democratisation. Imagination was used against all kinds of authority and conservatism. Some feel 1968 was the prelude to a progressive society and the start of major social reforms. Others think the idealism of the 60s was little more than a fit of collective insanity. Is the spirit of 68 still alive 50 years later? Have all battles in society been fought? Or do the ideas still linger and are the real revolutions still to come, like #MeToo, fifty years after the Summer of Love, could suggest? In short: The Times, Are They A-Changin'?

We reflect on philosophical themes such as imagination and power, and about their resonance in society, politics, art and literature. 

Chantal Mouffe gives the opening lecture in 30CC/Schouwburg at 13:30. In STUK, starting at 16:00, there are lectures and panel talks with Alicja Gescinska, Koen Peeters, Rudi Laermans, Joost de Bloois, Jannah Loontjens, Sarah Bracke, Herman Parret, Carine Fol, Erik Thys and others. You can also take part in a walk through Leuven, 50 years after 1968, and there is a workshop Philosphy for Kids. At 20:00 we conclude the night with the audio and video performance The Space Between by Katharina Smets, Ingrid Leonard and Inne Eysermans and the documentary Leuven ’68, introduced by Walter Zinzen. Afterwards, with a lot to discuss, we all head to STUKcafé.

More info: www.feestvandefilosofie.be

30CC/Schouwburg + STUK
Sat 31 Mar 201813:30 - 22:00


1 ticket for the entire day

17 € standard
12 € for students and members WGL 
9 € with STUK card KU Leuven Culture Card

(tickets for students or members WGL can only be bought at STUK Reception, not online)
Your ticket is your only way to get in throughout the day, please keep it with you.

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