“do you hear The Silent Song…” (working title)

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“do you hear The Silent Song…” (working title)

Liza Penkova and Sue Yeon Youn

In their new work, the Penkova/Youn duo will investigate the possibility of speaking of dance, displacing dance, re-discovering dance, asking questions about dance as they attempt to free the dance and the dancer from choreography (in a performance context).  Is it even possible, desirable and if so, for what purpose? Can one sustain the aesthetic experience of the dance performance without choreography?

By experimenting with their approach to the daily practice of a dancer, Penkova/Youn are commencing this inquiry using their body as their main source of material. Starting with the premiss that the body is full of tacit knowledge, they wonder if there is a possibility that choreography could be a constraining factor in articulating this knowledge. The body is naturally choreographed or (rather) conditioned by its own traces, memories, experiences, culture, perceptions and influences from the surrounding environment. To say it more poetically, the body sings its silent songs but we ignore to hear them.

There has been much nourishing discourse about choreography - it’s time to feed its diligent and silent servants- the body, the dancer and the dance.


Liza Penkova (SE/BE) and Sue Yeon Youn (KR/BE) are both performing artists, most commonly called as dancers. They have been long time colleagues at Rosas and earlier this year they both participated in Georgia Vardarou’s new performance New Narratives, which premiered at STUK.  They live and work mainly in Brussels. do you hear The Silent Song…  is a continuation of a previous project (film) in collaboration with Pauline Fonsny: The silent song (recorded in STUK).

STUK Atelier 1
Mon 3 Oct 2016 - Sun 16 Oct 2016.

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