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Danscompagnie Lune

This is a guest performance

He was naked
A naked beautiful handsome man with a pink umbrella

 I will call him,
Odo, that means
Handsome Odo with a pink umbrella playing hide and seek with his past in the woods
Just beautiful
just handsome
Gorges OCLOO

 2115: And we did NOT live happily ever after ... A book written in 2015 describes how mankind could perish through man’s self-destruction . The writer treats  people as puppets who cannot escape their fate. Will there be no protest on our part?  Do we simply glide through the digital machine of our demise?

The compelling music of Piano Gasper carries the four dancers on this rollercoaster of experiences filled with intense feelings and emotions. The clash between the imaginary visions and realistic ones can only cause sparks of passion and bombastic fireworks with the intense Gorges Ocloo as a writer / performer.


Concept and choreography Jennifer Regidor | Original music Gasper Piano | Text and creative mind Gorges Ocloo | Dance en creation Leen Declercq, Gerrit Deschuyteneer, Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Cliff Pots | Dramaturgy Gorges Ocloo | Light, sound and scenery design Roeland Pancken, Pieter Nys | Intern technique Jamison Van den Driessche | Make-up Leen Doms, Dominique Dumalin

STUK Soetezaal
Fri 18 Mar 201620:30
Sat 19 Mar 201620:30

standard €14 | reduction €11 

Reduction for -18, full-time students and culture card holders ( KU Leuven, UC Leuven-Limburg and LUCA Campus Lemmens)

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