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Radouan Mriziga

As in 55 and 3600, in 7 – the final piece of a trilogy – the relation between dance, the act of constructing, architecture and sculpture plays a key role in this work. connecting the moving body as measure and maker of the expression, character of architectural drawings and constructions.

7 is also inspired by the 7 world wonders of antiquity. These famous architectural and artistic achievements, of which only the pyramid of Gizeh is still standing erect today to mark the victory of man over his physical limits in relation to the laws of nature.


Radouan Mriziga graduated in 2012 fromP.A.R.T.S, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s famous Brussels dance school. Immediately thereafter he collaborates to different productions such as the performance Half Elf Zomeravond which Bart Meuleman realised at Toneelhuis. He is one of the performers of the production Re: Zeitung, a project of the P.A.R.T.S. Foundation and De Munt in which a new generation of professional dancers rework the repertoire of De Keersmaeker. He also danced in  Claire Croizé work, and People in a Field of Simon Tanguy.  

Fairly quickly he focuses on his own work and in 2013 he start his research as an artist in residence at Moussem Nomadic Art Centre to work on his work 55 and 3600.

STUK Studio
Mon 3 Oct 2016 - Sat 8 Oct 2016.

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