In Absentia


In Absentia

Helka/Helder Seabra

The Portuguese dancer Helder Seabra was a key figure in the recent works of Wim Vandekeybus and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Last season you may have enjoyed an introduction to his work with When The Birds Fly Low The Wind Will Blow, which received standing ovations.

In In Absentia five men experience and explore the emotional, mental and physical impact of loss. They’re free to cry, laugh and feel. Even as men. The loss of a loved one, the loss of speech, the loss of an incredible book, the loss of a friendship, a lover, the loss of a project that cannot be executed. Men respond differently to women. Is that why men look for a more physical way to express themselves? In Absentia is an energetic, virile and sensitive performance with beautiful live music composed especially for this piece. 

Helka vzw Helder Seabra

concept, leiding & choreografie Helder Seabra | uitgevoerd door Ricardo Ambrózio, Joris Baltz & Helder Seabra | originele livemuziek Elias Devoldere & Stijn Vanmarsenille | lichtontwerp Kim Rens | scenografie Kim Rens & Helder Seabra | kostuums/stylist Katleen Eeckhout | geluid Dries Wouters | productie HelKa vzw

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STUK Soetezaal
Mon 22 May 201720:30
Tue 23 May 201720:30
Wed 24 May 201720:30

extra performance May 22!

14 — reduction 10

duBBeldans tiCKet with babeL(WoRDs) On 18/01/17 in 30CC/sCHOuwBurg. 

On May 24 Helder Seabra will give a free workshop for experienced amateurs. 

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