Alleen de grootste nabijheid [14+]

Alleen de grootste nabijheid - trailer

Alleen de grootste nabijheid [14+]

fABULEUS & DOX / Bram Jansen & Ryan Djojokarso

The twists and turns of love are the engine behind this performance. Dancing, reading and rotting through Wikipedia, eight performers, from ages of 14 to 21, try to get to grips with the contents of an old book: Die Wahlverwandtschaften by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from 1809. Goethe stages a daring love experiment in this novel. A married couple invite a friend and a niece to live with them. The four of them soon fall in love and an explosive blend of expectations and jealousy develops. In this novel Goethe attempts to balance out thoughts and feelings with one another. The dancers also attempt this: they explore how they can translate their analyses of the book into impassioned dance. What starts as a somewhat awkward encounter between the personages, ends in a tangle of intimate dance duets. Think of it as a book review, but then with kissing.

Concept en creatie Ryan Djojokarso & Bram Jansen | Dans Misha Demoustier, Zoë Demoustier, Rune Leysen, Nathaniel Jordan, Ella Nilis, Rens Van Hoogdalem, Hanne Waerzeggers en Farrakhan Warrington | Tekst naar o.a. J.W. Goethe en R. Safranski | Dramaturgie Peter Anthonissen | Feedback Moos van den Broek | Geluidsontwerp Jorg Schellekens | Decor & kostuums Karel van Laere | Lichtontwerp Joris De Bolle | Productie fABULEUS & DOX | Coproductie STUK

STUK Soetezaal
Fri 25 Nov 201620:30
Sat 26 Nov 201620:30

Standard €14 | Reduction €10

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