Auditorium 17/18 Act II: Narrate & Engage

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Auditorium 17/18 Act II: Narrate & Engage

Space Popular (UK/TH) & PIPS:lab (NL)

Using unstable media the multi-talented group members have truly become masters of the unexpected. The computer is their mixing tool, blending music, theatre, film and a healthy dose of comedy into absurd media theatre, interactive installations and surprise acts. A PIPS:lab production never meets expectations.

Pushing the boundaries of design disciplines towards novel approaches, Space Popular investigates multiple trajectories by “Curating the Infrastructure”, from shopping malls to urban planning, they are able to create new semiotics of complex spaces for layered interactions.
Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg


This dialogue aims at defining radically new ways to narrate & engage with the user, by means of architecture that balances on the edge of spatial design, interactive digital tools and “unstable media”. Protagonists of this session will be multidisciplinary design and research practice Space Popular founded by architects Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg, together with Keez Duyves, co-founder of Dutch theater troupe PIPS:lab, internationally renowned for its innovative and interactive multimedia performances. Although with considerably different aims, tools and results, both practices seem to consider space as a complex infrastructure for engaging and novel narrative experiences. Stad en Architectuur will invite them and the audience to not only discuss, but also participate architecture as a multi-sensory experience.

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg are graduates from the Architectural Association in London and founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2012. The practice works on different scales of intervention, from furniture and interior design to architecture and urbanism. The duo has extensive teaching experience at INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and at the Architectural Association in London, where they launched Tools for Architecture, a studio that explores experience driven design methods, using immersive digital simulations to describe the unique atmospheric conditions and psychological effects of architecture. According to Space Popular these simulations serve as blueprints for a project that develops from the inside out, translating a narrative for emotion and perception into geometry and built elements. Beyond their academic experience, Space Popular has been realizing several built projects in Europe and Asia, such as the widely published Infinity Spa, which re interprets the The Thai shophouse generic typology into a fully embodied and immersive experience.

Artist and inventor Keez Duyves is co-founder of PIPS:lab. PIPS:lab believes that each project must engage multiple art forms and the audience must be involved using interactive techniques where fiction and reality are mashed up. By means of totally self made softwares, hardware, music tracks, stories and visuals, the collective produces work which is never complete without the contribution of the public and always exceeds expectations. The past years PIPS:lab experimented with The Mo-Cap, a Motion Capture Studio that transfers movements in 3D into data and recently has been pushed further by the use of an industrial robot. The Potator, an installation that processes peels of images into a simultaneous combination of paint and canvas in 3D.

Lecture series architecture, urbanism and design 2017/2018

ACT!ons – Architecture as a Laboratory

AUDITORIUM 2017-18 aims at delineating and expanding the territory in which architecture currently operates by means of a series of actions. If knowledge production is usually regarded as an introvert process, the aim of the series is to open it up by discussing and acting upon it. Much like scientific experiments take place to enable scientists to precisely test the interaction of complex variables, the idea of the laboratory as a space of action rather than a hermetic and controlled environment aims to incite change through (architectural) acts that carefully balance complex forces. The selection of voices intends to draft an inventory of possible actions as triggers that can generate unpredictable reactions. Thus entering a breeding ground where discoveries and new opportunities can unfold.

CURATORS Giulia Cosenza & Albert Takashi Richters | PARTNERS STUK Kunstencentrum, KU Leuven dep. architectuur, Existenz | SUPPORT BY Stad Leuven, Vlaamse Overheid | SPONSORING Febelcem, Vandersanden Group, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium

STUK Auditorium
Thu 30 Nov 201720:00
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