Of Balls, Books and Hats

© Julien Prévieux

Of Balls, Books and Hats

Julien Prévieux (FR)

Intelligent machines are increasingly important to our society. Machines can autonomously find information, read images, play games, analyse financial markets, analyse human behaviour, etc. Their skills grow rapidly because machines learn faster.

Of Balls, Books and Hats takes such a data set, for example, the poses of sporting activity or negotiation techniques, as the starting point for choreography. A performer experiments with ‘machine learning’. Megalomaniac machines no longer look like they were in Terminator or Blade Runner. Their power comes from a new kind of slave labour that resembles an absurd and childish game. 

directed by Julien Prévieux | performed by Harold Henning | produced by Playground (STUK & M, Leuven) 

STUK Studio
Thu 16 Nov 201721:00
Fri 17 Nov 201721:00


Duration: 25'

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