belgian premiere

belgian premiere

Thu 27 & Fri 28 Sep 18 . 20:30

Is each day the same? Is life no more than ‘endless repetition’? Routine offers structure but also reinforces the monotony of the everyday.

Tue 23 Apr 19 . 20:30

In Rasp Your Soul, the Greek choreographer Kat Válastur uses mythology as a tool to answer contemporary questions. For this, she collaborates with the performer Enrico Ticconi and the visual artist Leon Eixenberger.


Tue 15 & Wed 16 May 18 . 20:30

The brand new DANCE ON ENSEMBLE invites internationally renowned choreographers to get to grips with the experience, charisma and dramatic power of top dancers from the past.

Wed 29 & Thu 30 Nov 17 . 21:00

For several years Mathias Ringgenberg has been developing the ctional character of

Thu 16 & Fri 17 Nov 17 . 21:30

For Playground, Agnès Geoffray presents two works. In the video Sutures, photos follow and flow into one another, vying for attention to challenge our gaze.

Sat 28, Sun 29, Mon 30 & Tue 31 Oct 17 . 10:00 - 18:00

Fierce trees, prickly bushes, mini mountains and rideable deers ... Visual artist Chantal de Wolde invictes young and old to get lost in her wonderfully colourful deer forest.